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Leicester Conference 2020 in Germany

Leicester Conference 2020 in Germany

The Leicester Conference 2020 took place in Bavaria in Germany.

An unprecedented decision: why?

2020 has offered us all a masterclass in working with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) – and not everyone has had the stomach for it. Everyone is facing challenges on all levels: political, economic, environmental and cultural and the need for a new understanding of how we lead and follow in our organisations, communities and societies have never been so urgent.

We felt it was crucial to hold our annual 2-week Leicester Conference face-to-face and had been hoping to hold it in its traditional home at the University of Leicester in central England. The impact of Covid-19 in the UK meant that the plan had to change – Leicester city was put in lockdown just two weeks before the conference was due to begin.

Managing the uncertainty up to that point with resilience and creativity, we decided to ensure the safety of participants and chose to move to a venue that was ready, compliant with all social distancing, safety and hygiene measures to the standards of EU, German and regional authorities. We already had a partner in Germany, oezpa GmbH, who suggested this new venue.

Choosing to Change

The 74th Leicester Conference began on 1 August 2020 in the Landhotel am Sonnenhang. Perched on the edge of the small town of Pleystein, the venue was a beautiful backdrop to consider concerns uppermost in the world at the moment and as Covid-19 becomes prolonged.

Issues of authority and role in reconfigured businesses, communities and our wider social systems remain critical, and we are still digesting and considering what types of leaders we will elect/follow and what type of citizens we will choose to be, in the months to come.

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Image: Pleystein viewed from the Landhotel Am Sonnenhang, Rachel Kelly 2020