We have an international team of consultants and researchers who draw on a range of social science disciplines, theoretical frameworks and approaches, and practical experience.

Dr Eliat Aram PhD, Cpsych, Csci
Chief Executive Officer

I am the CEO of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and the Managing Director of Tavistock Institut Germany. I have worked with organisations and community change agents in Europe and beyond, exploring how to work in the unknown, in conditions of high turbulence, uncertainty and ambiguity.

I have a special interest in the dialectic between leadership, ethics and aesthetics using a participative design approach. I have written and spoken about leading and designing as participation using artistic and technological methods in my work and thought. I am a registered Gestalt Psychotherapist, a Chartered Scientist Psychologist, and a keen practitioner in Group Relations, the Tavistock enterprise’s core ‘learning through experience’ practice.

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Dr Kerstin Junge PhD
Principal Researcher / Consultant

I lead our EU work, focusing on process and outcome evaluations of large, complex and innovative initiatives mostly in the fields of social inclusion, employment and human capital.

I currently lead the evaluation of the Horizon 2020 funded Designscapes project which seeks to accelerate the use of design thinking to solve complex problems in European cities and am a core team member of the RESILOC project (also funded by the Horizon 2020 programme) which investigates aspects of community resilience. I led a consortium of six European organisations funded by Erasmus+ – Social Seducement – designing and testing a serious online roleplay game to train disadvantaged people to become social entrepreneurs and the evaluation of TCBL – Textile and Clothing Business Lab, a change project seeking to improve the economic, ecological and social sustainability of the European textiles sector.

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Joe Cullen MA, PhD, Dip. Psych
Professional Partner

I have extensive experience in developing and applying innovative research, consultancy and evaluation approaches and methods.

This includes working with international organisations (WHO, European Commission) Government Departments, NGO’s and commercial organisations. I also spend some time as a freelance consultant, working for major international companies and public agencies.

I am Principal Associate of the Tavistock Institute and was previously its Academic Dean.

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David Drabble BA, MA
Senior Researcher / Consultant

I have many years of experience and a keen interest in organisational systems, and I often work in the health field and on evaluating innovative and disruptive interventions.

I have a specialised role in data presentation, analysis, and project management.

I am a PhD candidate researching the topic of misunderstandings in global teams. I continue to contribute to the understanding of Sociotechnical Systems in the digital world through studying the interface between technology, organisational culture and emotions in virtual settings. Recent work includes mapping digital inclusion interventions across Europe for the European Commission.

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Kari P Hadjivassiliou MSc
Principal Researcher / Consultant

I have over 27 years of experience in international comparative research and evaluation experience in the fields of employment and labour markets, including:

  • youth labour markets,
  • Employment policies/programmes;
  • welfare systems, policies and reform;
  • education and training systems,
  • human and social capital development;
  • social inclusion, including the use of the European Social Fund (ESF)

I also have considerable experience in designing, conducting and managing large scale and complex EU-wide studies and evaluations; co-ordinating EU-wide networks and partnerships and managing international project teams; developing good working relationships with clients, including EU institutions; and planning, organising and carrying out dissemination activities.

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Anna Sophie Hahne BA, MSc
Senior Researcher / Consultant

I work on research and evaluation (process and impact) projects across a wide range of sectors including mental health, employment, environment, and social care.

I specialise in quantitative research methods and statistical analysis but also have expertise in qualitative methods. I am involved in several European projects and I am currently leading on the quantitative impact evaluation of an Eramus+ project aimed at the social integration of young people who are not in education, employment or training.

Projects include EU-funded projects. In addition to methodological work – designing, undertaking, analysing and reporting.

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Giorgia Iacopini MA, MSc
Senior Researcher / Consultant

The work I do cuts across a range of areas of policy, with a particular interest in evaluations of programmes related to social inclusion, community cohesion and the prevention of violent extremism.

I am also part of the TIHR team that provides evaluation training to government practitioners and third sector organisations.

I am the current Chair of the UK Evaluation Society London Network. I am undertaking a Professional Doctorate at the University of Bath’s Institute for Policy Research, engaging with the theories, methods and practices of policymaking.

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Juliet Scott MSc
Principal Consultant / Head of Projects and Programmes

I am an organisational consultant, researcher and educator working across a wide range of organisational settings including EU research and innovation; organisational change; charitable organisations; arts and culture.

I work with and support groups and systems through transformational processes and direct programmes in our Professional Development portfolio, internationally.

I lead the Tavistock Institute’s public engagement work disseminating its unique applied social science in innovative ways to promote learning, such as using arts-based methods, working with new technologies and systems psychodynamic approaches.

As part of the Tavistock Institute’s senior leadership, I am responsible for the development of innovative research, evaluation and organisational development projects.

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Dr Thomas Spielhofer BA, MSc, Dphil, DipEcon (Open)
Principal Researcher / Consultant

I have a strong track record of leading research projects in Europe relating to children, families and relationships. I am involved in several European projects.

These include ComNetNEET – CNN – assessing the impact of an innovative model to help young people who are Not in Education, Employment or Training to re-engage with education or training.

I am also working on a Horizon 2020 funded project to explore the use of software platforms to collect, manage and analyse data during economic, physical and social emergencies. This project builds on a previous large-scale study which explored the use of social media during emergency situations.

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